In the words of my coach: “So you started a folk/experimental band…that’s very ‘college’ of you.”

In high school, starting a band meant throwing a bunch of guys in a room with similar musical interests and seeing what came of it.  This is hardly how things should be done.  Every “jam sesh” started as a productive  layering of sound and over-amplified nonsense until the faint hint of a song was produced.  Within an hour or so, things would fall apart into things we SHOULD play or songs we SHOULD cover.  As you may guess, these were hollow checkpoints in our journey.

I went about these same principles in college when looking for a band and the itinerary was almost identical.  All of this changed when a good friend and bandmate said, “Covers?  That’s the easy way out.”

In our three-piece band, I’m lucky enough to have met Bryan and Izze.  Bryan, a self-taught guitarist, continuously strives for uncharted territory in the musical land.  Fed up with the consistency of popular music, he always pushes us to pursue to an odd time signature or a weird riff that would truly make everyone think.

Izze, a vocalists and fellow Long Islander, graces our group with soaring vocals and angelic additions to whatever song we produce.  In conjunction with Bryan, she writes complex lyrics that captivate and perplex a listener.  In recent developments, she has tried to write happier songs with Bryan, but the songs with angst just feel too damn good.

In these two attached videos, I hope you can get a feel for who we are musically.  As we come up with more original songs, I’ll continue positing.


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