Paddle Across the Bay


As Long Islanders, we depend on our oceans and beaches from everything from food on our tables to family vacations. We know how important the oceans and beaches are to us.  It is essential to preserve our oceans in order to sustain a resource that we love so dearly.

Due to our dependence in the oceans and beaches, we need to keep them in good condition for years to come!

In order to achieve this feat, the Paddle Across the Bay effort is raising money for the Long Island chapters of the Surfrider Foundation.  Through powerful activism of its members, the organization dedicates itself to the “protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches.”  Not only does this organization raise money for restoration and preservation efforts, it has legal and legislative clout.  After researching charities, we deemed the Surfrider Foundation as the best fit for what we want to do.   

During this event, we will paddle from Sayville, NY to Sailor’s Haven on Fire Island. After this three-mile journey, participants will take part in a beach cleanup to further improve the state our beaches. Paddle Across the Bay aims to remind us of the importance our beaches while physically improving it. We welcome people from all walks of life because we all share this natural beauty of our beaches.

You can find more information at our website or our Facebook page


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