Week 12: November 19th-November 25th


Although my parents were here this week, the workweek still had to push forward. The roles reversed as I was in my nine-to-five and they were enjoying the culture of a new city. On their first day, they took a river cruise from Westminster Pier to the Tower of London. I haven’t seen any of their pictures yet, but I’m sure they documented the experience perfectly. When we met up later that day, all of us discussed the grandeur and the enormity of the Crown Jewels. We talked about the various bejeweled swords, broaches, tiaras, and various trinkets held within the Tower Walls. After their tiring introduction to British culture, we met up after I got out of work. Since we were in London, I figured that we should get mexican food on our first night, right?

Throughout the week, we would meet after I would get out of work and hear about their day of culture. I only wish I could have joined them on their daily adventures, but I was able to meet them nightly for dinner. It was so pleasant to meet up with them after a long day at work and catch up with them and talk about their day. One of the best days was after a marathon day of internship and class that spanned from 9am-8pm. KJ and I met up with them for tea and dessert. We must have just sat and talked for ours over a pot of tea, but it was so relaxing after a long day.


On Friday, I was lucky enough to only have class until 1 p.m. After that, I met up with my parents to enjoy the day before having an eventful evening ahead of us. Their last night in London was upon us so we had to do something great. When in London…you see Skyfall. This was my second time seeing the film in London, but I was more than happy to oblige. It was great. Seeing the movie for the second time allowed me to think of the movie analytically.

Oh, Skyfall. The first Bond movie that focuses on the emotional side of Mr. Bond and his family history. Previously, all movies about this international man of mystery retained an attitude of cool collectedness and emotional detachment. Perhaps Daniel Craig ushered in the era of the emotional Bond or the complex Bond. Furthermore, can we look at this as a Bond movie without an official Bond girl. Aside from the puzzling bits of the film, one can marvel at the effort to bring back the old guard of 007 movies. The introduction as Mallory as M is reminiscent of the old M of the Sean Connery days. Also, the introduction of Moneypenny was BRILLIANT. I can’t spoil the end, but it was perfect. Needless to say, I cannot wait for the next Bond film! This movie was a great way to close out the week of my parents visiting. I hope that this was only the first holiday for my parents in the UK.

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