Week 13: November 26th-December 2nd

The end of November: time was flying. This week marked the end of my internship phase and a devolution of schedule into one class per week. Leaving Forbes Hall was bittersweet. The end of my internship meant that this was the closing of a chapter of my experience abroad and that it was almost time to come home. It meant that we had accomplished something. I was lucky to form a great relationship with those who work in the firm. Leaving the firm meant leaving the family that graciously “adopted” me in this short period of time. I not only learned a lot from each of the associates at the firm, but I established a report with them informally and outside the formal realm of law.


Although assignments were coming towards the end, there was still a little time for fun in all of this. Izzi worked at the London Art Therapy Center for her internship. On December 1st, the Art Therapy Center was putting on a show for one of the participants of the center. This anonymous artist lives with multiple personalities. Fortunately, all of these personalities paint, but no two personalities paint in the same way. Allegedly, she would wake up and a painting would be done and she wouldn’t have a recollection of doing it. One personality would paint in a soft, surrealist style. Dali-like figures against a softly blended background juxtaposed the female form imposed on geometric shapes in other paintings.

The Center wanted music to accompany the gallery opening. Izzi volunteered to perform at the opening and asked if I could accompany her. I couldn’t refuse. Playing a gig in London was something we dreamed of–in any capacity. This was the perfect venue because an acoustic act would flourish in this setting. We played a few pleasant numbers and the crowd enjoyed it. Izzi’s voice was perfectly on and the gig couldn’t have went better. After this, we only want to play more and we are excited to be reunited with our bandmates back in Boston to be the Supertourists again.

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