Week 5: October 1st-October 7th

Yet another week characterized by a hunger for culture and not enough time to satiate it. If you suspect schoolwork to be the culprit, you would be very right. The first important paper of semester was due this week and the pressure was on. This seems ridiculous because it is October and this is our FIRST paper, but anything worth 50% of a final grade is worth sweating over. As some form of a distraction, we took a walking tour of the East End. Formerly a dump/backyard/wasteland for the Romans, this area has “humble” roots. Gangs, racial issues and poverty accompanied by the memorable figure of Jack the Ripper didn’t seem to help the East End’s reputation throughout history. As if to resemble a phoenix from the ashes, the East End was risen up to support better racial and economic equality, a vibrant hipster theme, a nebula of new fashion, a mecca for art and expression. As we walked through the narrow streets and peered into windows old shops converted into apartments, our voyeurism expressed our interest and love of the East End. It was just one of those places that make you say, “I’d like to live here…”

Before we could bat an eyelash, classes were over for the semester…on October 5th. It’s hard to believe that anything could sink in while classes were so short, but laden with material. It became LOCKDOWN. Cue the red lights and sirens, the weekend before finals was upon us. Despite the nature of the classes and the demeanor of professors, these finals felt like they would be rough. Equipped with our essay prompts in advance, it was time to study. One cannot truly study without not studying first, right? In that true spirit, it was time to attend an ultimate practice with Imperial College of London’s Ultimate team. After a quick morning practice on a beautiful day, it was time to procrastinate further by going to the London Aquarium!

Just the break we needed! It’s a scientifically proven fact that you cannot be stressed while looking at penguins. Yes, there were penguins. Despite the fun and relaxation, I did have two gripes with this aquarium. First, it seemed kind of small and as a result, spaces became cramped at times. I am well aware of its status as a tourist trap, but I dislike getting bumped by backs as much as the hypocrite. Second, HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE OTTERS?!

The weekend was rounded out by frantic outlining, paper writing, nervous studying, and ultimate practice. Can’t say that things would be too different if I was in Boston…except it is warmer…and much nicer here.

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