Week 7: October 15th-October 21st

This was the week we’ve all been waiting for. It was time for internships to start. Dark pants: check. Button-down shirt: check. Tie: check. All of the particulars were covered, but so many things were unknown! What time should I get up? What time should I leave? What should I pack for lunch? Do I need my laptop? AHHH!

With my best guess to all of these, my first day was underway. My morning started off with everything I hoped for in my future adult life. This included delays on public transport, invasion of personal space on public transport, and anxiety as a result of public transport. If you haven’t deduced by now, I’m going to drive to work in the future if I have any say in it.

In a manic state, I decided to record my first day in a notebook. A normal list would have sufficed, but I decided to invest in the idea of an itemized list of duties recorded down to the last minute. My first day of work went well and my relationship with the staff grew over the entire week. At first, I was a spectacle. The American was in the office. Consequently, the majority of conversations I engaged in were centered around my adaptation to London or some kind of cultural difference between the UK and the US. Despite the rocky start, within the week, I became “one of the family.” The atmosphere in itself made it worth going into work.

The work I do mainly centers around case study. Since I don’t know much about the field of civil litigation or employment law, the only way to learn is to read extensively. And, oh, I did. Case after case, policy after policy, handbook after handbook, I was slowly learning the ropes. At least I’m not pushing paper or photocopying. I am actually learning–and a lot at that.

For us hardworking unpaid interns, out weekend is extended to three days and it is sweet. In retrospect, we don’t do anything very substantial in the workplace, but this weekend is much needed. Fridays are a leisurely day of classes to welcome the weekend end in generously. With the weekend approaching, it was time to explore. To the Bat-mobile!

This weekend, we ventured to the South Bank. Although we have been here to visit the London Aquarium and the London Eye, much lies beyond these attractions. We were drawn down the riverbank by the sound of music and crowds of people. Street performers, musicians and artists lined the Thames and crowds of locals and tourists alike swarmed them. We kept walking to discover a massive used book sale that would have taken even the most boring of people hours to scour through the titles. A little bit further was the worst surprise of the day because we both had full stomachs. The Real Bread Festival 2012 set up a few dozen stalls serving freshly baked bread, complete meals, wine, cheese, and cider. With shame we continued through the festival and further down the bank into another barrage of tents and music performances. Somehow, we happened upon the Malaysia in London Festival. Cultural dress, traditional food and dances overwhelmed the senses. And after, yet another weekend was perfectly rounded out by practicing with the London Golden Ants.

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