Week 8: October 22nd-October 28th

Yet another week of my internship provided me with the stability I needed here. As a very regimented person, I welcomed the notion of a regular routine of a 9-5 job and the like. My daily travel to and from work in Shoreditch usually takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the day. I could not be any more boring. I tried reading the paper, and failed. It is quite funny when you examine the rush-hour crowd on the tube. Hundreds of people staring at their feet, heads buried in their paper, or earbuds jammed so far in their ears that they can’t hear a polite “excuse me” as you try to push by them. Perhaps the goal is distracting yourself from the monotony of work and public transport. I found my personal life raft in their sea of monotony: reading philosophy…because my iPod broke.

With the work week behind us, it was time for another weekend! Although I have been in London for seven weeks, I have still managed to miss the markets that I’ve heard so much about. We set out for Camden Town and Camden Market in the afternoon. Getting out of the tube station was like traveling on a major highway during rush hour, but once we got on the street, we didn’t know where to look. We looked like tourists as we just spun in circles and looked for a direction. A snap decision led us through street performers and hundreds of market stalls. The market was integrated into the town as brand names popped up between the stalls. Although we were far from Paris, we decided to get crepes. We learned quickly that I am incapable of walking and eating at the same time.

The next day was the day I was fearing but looking forward to. A pasta dinner and endless worrying would hopefully prepare me to run my first half marathon. I wouldn’t say that this was done on a whim, but it was more like an effort to “put up or shut up.” Regardless of motivation, I set out with two fellow BU students to tackle this task together. Not knowing each other or how each other ran, we were rather skeptical in our approach. Should we stick together? What if they were faster? We put differences aside and set the goal of finishing in 2 hours. The butterflies in our stomachs helped us persevere through doubt, injury, soreness, and mental barriers and accomplish this great goal. With the completion of this challenge, I can say that these relative strangers are much closer than before. We worked together and put trust in each other to overcome.

I have written a more detailed account of the half marathon here. Check it out!

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