The Supertourists

The Supertourists were conceived by a crazy group guitar professor who noticed some musical chemistry between Bryan Sih and Elizabeth Siliato as they practiced in class. He hinted to the two getting together to play music. Despite the occasional little jam, they never really did…
A year later, Bryan was working on a film and asked Izzi to sing some vocals for the soundtrack. He had heard Izzi play and sing for fun and thought her voice would be perfect. The recording session went incredibly well and so they began to expand on the song and to write others. In the wake of open mic nights, the two were soon joined by Drew Hartman, a frequent jam-buddy of Bryan’s. Drew proved to be the missing piece to the band –now found — bringing a percussive element that emphasized a “tight” groove, a lil’ syncopation, and “feel-changes.”
The band can now be seen playing outside the brownstones of Bay State Rd., waking up college students from their naps and disturbing the otherwise peaceful environment with their sad songs.
The Supertourists call their style Radiohead-folk due to Bryan’s obsession with Radiohead, but the term really means nothing at all. The Supertourists simply write with the hope to move the audience and make sounds that are interesting to the ear.

–Izzi’s vocal style is airy and gentle, able to make babies smile and grown men cry. Say almost anything and she’ll be reminded of a song. She loves to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele! Her lyrics are often about issues like being wrapped in gift boxes, losing reality, running from realizations, and soul-twistin’.
–Bryan, the guitarist, is the creative backbone of the group. His experimental music style is so mesmerizing that even he gets lost in it at times. You wouldn’t guess that he quit lessons after 2 weeks and learned how to play on youtube instead. He thinks the acoustic guitar can be used as a percussive instrument and dances to his own tune (literally).
–Drew was trained in jazz drums and enjoys getting into a nice rhythmic pocket that moves the song forward. He often has a distant look in his eye and a smile on his face when he plays—but don’t let this fool you, he is either thinking about a new pair of Sperrys or his next ultimate frisbee outfit. He usually keeps the beat on a djembe or a cajon (say what?).

–Kevin Flynn studied the art of guitar in the steppes of South America, where he acquired his knack for comedy and sultry guitar riffs. You say irrelevant, he says how high. As a long time friend of the group, its surprising that this musical lovechild hasn’t happened until now. Despite the 2 years of foreplay, KFlyy now is the cherry on top of this group due to the way he compliments each and every member of the band.

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